Business that are either Tech based or use Tech for scale with a focus on IoT and BOT start-ups, B2B or B2B2C businesses


Huge focus on the background, age, experience & intellect of the promters. Not more than 2-3 promoters


Sweet spot of Rs. 1cr for a minimum of 10%

Revenue visibility within 6 months

Ready for exponential growth. We don’t fund ideas or product development. Promoter should have invested their own money & time in creating the Minimum Viable Product



Quarizon is an event-driven, absolute value oriented manager of private investment partnerships and separate accounts. The advisory seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by investing, time as well as financial package, opportunistically across the capital structure and gravitating towards complex, misunderstood and contrarian situations where one or more likely catalysts exist for value realization. Quarizon focuses on “special situations” including spin-offs, carve-outs, recapitalization, tender offers, acquisition targets and hidden asset realization events.


We focus on Entrepreneurs with professional backgrounds from Professional institutions of our country. We believe the success of any company is determined primarily by the quality of its promoters. Research shows companies started and run by promoters from quality Professional institutions of our country have been 5-7 times more successful than otherwise.


Our Philosophy is to invest in companies in Early to Growth Stage of the company lifecycle, with highly scalable and innovative business models with demonstrated sales. We believe we can create distinct value in these companies via the strong collaborative effort of our talent pool, Board of Mentors and the Investee Company Professionals.


Although structured as a sector agnostic fund, our key focus Sectors, basis our Ethos & Thesis, include sectors in the following domain.

Businesses essentially targeted at the B2B2C space

Education: Vocational & K12 Edu-Tech

Business: Technology enabled Problem Solutions; IT/ITeS business enablers

Technology : Clean-tech; IoT

The company’s investments are driven by primary, independent research and idea generation with a private equity mindset, whereby strong emphasis is placed on capital structure, asset value and free cash flow generation. The company has a clear set exit deadline of 18 – 24 months post investment. The terms are finalized at the stage of investment proposal assessment and form essential part of the SHA executed prior to actual flow of investment.

Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Quarizon is an Advisory Services firm that provided startup/bridge funding from its internal resources for short term, if required. Quarizon advises a select group of high net worth investors, and is not available to provide investment advisory or similar services to most other investors. This website is a resource for audiences other than investors such as potential transaction counterparties, prospective management teams and industry participants. Quarizon believes it is useful for such persons to have an accurate source of relevant information. Under no circumstances should any information presented on this website be construed as an offer to sell, or solicitation of any offer to purchase, any securities or other investments. This website does not contain the information that an investor should consider or evaluate to make a potential investment. Offering materials relating to investments in entities under Quarizon advisory are not available to the general public.

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We may collect nonpublic information about you from the following sources:

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